show_pic_laborAdvanced trainings

Clinical Studies with Medical Devices 2013, Planning of Clinical Studies Workshop
EC Medical Devices Vigilance System and Post Marketing Surveillance
Adverse Event Management during Medical Device Clinical Studies

11590597_sCertification as Medical Device Consultant

Training on The Act on Medical Devices and certification after successful multiple-choice test as consultant for medical devices

11590570_sConferral of a doctorate in medicine

Degree: Doctor medicinae, thesis title: “Autosomal Recessive Non-syndromic Mental Retardation: Analysis of Candidate Genes in a Kuwaiti Family with Linkage on Chromosome 3“

15394208_sStudies of medicine

Degree: State Examination, rotations: paediatrics, surgery and inner medicine
Stay Abroad: Member of a research staff at Brigham and Women‘s Hospital (Boston, USA)

11736517_sStudies of biology

Degree: Diploma, thesis title “Electrochemical detection of single base extension products for genosensor application“
Stay Abroad: Member of a research staff at University of New South Wales (Sydney, AU)